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    Some Basic Serial Killer Statistics

    • The USA has 76% of the world’s serial killers.
    • Europe in second, has 17%.  England has produced 28% of the European total; Germany produces 27%, and France produces 13%.
    • California leads in the US with the most Serial Homicide cases that have occured.  Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida follow shortly behind.
    • Maine has the lowest occurence of serial murders - none.  Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota, Delaware, and Vermont each have had only one case of a serial murder.
    • 84% of American killers are caucasian.
    • 16% are black.
    • Men make up at least 90% of the world wide total of serial killers.
    • 65% of victims are female.
    • 89% of victims are white.
    • 44% of all killers start in their twenties.
    • 26% start in their teens.
    • 24% start in their thirties.
    • Out of all the killers, 86% are heterosexual.

    I notice those magic words “serial killers” really piss off the MRAs.  I see why now.  

    Look at all this white on white crime

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  10. René Magritte (Belgian, 1898-1967), L’acte de foie, 1960. Oil on canvas, 129.8 x 97 cm.


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